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About Us

Why imagine? Let’s make it a reality!

Create your dream cruise holiday to a range of sensational destinations with Imagine Cruising, your tailor-made cruising specialist.

At Imagine nothing excites us more than helping people find the very best cruise deals to the world’s holiday hotspots. Cruising is our passion and it’s one we love to share.

We’re totally independent – the only people we represent are you, our customers. We’ll talk to you about exactly what you’re looking for from a wonderful holiday, then we’ll work with you to make your holiday hopes happen.

Wherever you want to go, however you want to get there, and whatever exciting things you want to do during your fabulous time away, we’ll bring you the best deal you can get anywhere – because we always work with YOU in mind.

Let Imagine’s first-hand experience, enthusiasm, passion and expert knowledge craft your perfect holiday getaway. Prepare yourself for new experiences, lasting memories and a fuss-free break with family, friends or your partner. You need a holiday and we’ll get you there!

Why choose Imagine?

  1. Tailor-made itineraries We work with you, and with you in mind, to find the very best package to suit your travel needs.
  2. Destination experts With first-hand knowledge of the world’s holiday hotspots, we can advise you on the little details that will enhance your holiday experience.
  3. You’re never on your own Trust us to take care of all of the arrangements to ensure a seamless, fuss-free holiday.
  4. The best travel option for you Short on time and inclination? We’ve scoured the world to find you the very best deals and destinations to save you the hassle of having to dig through the cybersphere for that perfect deal.

Check out our specialist cruising website to find the cruise holiday offer that best suits your needs.