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Danube vs Douro: Which River Cruise wins?

Vienna, Budapest, Porto and Vila Nova Dgaia – some of the world’s finest cities are built upon riverways, which is why river cruising offers the perfect way to visit the hub of multiple city centres – it’s no wonder they have been increasing in popularity year on year!

Here at Imagine Cruising, we can tailor your river cruise holiday into an unforgettable adventure, the hardest decision you’ll have to make? Whether to cruise the Danube or the Douro! To help you make your mind up here’s our whistle-stop tour of the Danube and Douro Rivers.

Danube River Cruise

Danube River cruise

Sheer cliffs, tiny villages, imperial cities and a mighty river unfurling like a ribbon through the countryside, the Danube cuts across 10 countries for more than 2,000 miles, beginning in the mysterious Black Forest in Germany and emptying into the Black Sea.

There’s a range of different tailormade cruises of the River Danube you can discover with Imagine Cruising, all calling at different towns and cities. Here’s a few highlights you could expect to experience!

  •  The imperial city of Vienna, Austria’s magnificent capital, home to a treasure trove of art, architectural delights and enchanting coffee shops
  • In the UNESCO-designated city of Regensburg you’ll find one of the best-preserved medieval towns and tours that unveil its 2,000 years of history
  • The old walled city of Nuremberg shelters a handful of significant World War II sites, both poignant and fascinating and a stark contrast to the nearby Main-Danube Canal, one of the most scenic parts of sections of a river cruise with its multitude of locks
  • The arresting beauty of the Wachau Valley, an alpine wonderland of undulating pastures, lush vineyards and sleepy villages loomed over by imposing castles
  • Discover the awesome Abbey which dominated the town in Melk
  • In Weissenkirchen, sample nature’s bounty with a wine tasting and selection of apricot-infused delicacies, a treat native to the region. Borrow bicycles from the boat and feel the wind in your hair as you cycle along the riverside paths, skirting the ethereal Bavarian Forest and its dramatic Baroque architecture along the way
  • Cross the iconic Charles Bridge and look down into swan-filled Vltava River in romantic Prague or perhaps take a wander around the Old Town Square where you’ll stumble across soaring spires, ancient chapels and charming cafes. Explore the many architectural gems and sample a craft beer from one of the many breweries – some of the world’s finest brews hail from the Czech Republic, often in unassuming microbreweries – just one of the city’s hidden treasures you can discover in person



Douro River Cruise

Portugal old town on the Douro River cruise

The Douro Region of Portugal and Spain is one of Europe’s most picturesque valleys. Discover its vineyards and historic towns on a river cruise along the serene Douro River.

Here’s just a few places you can expect to visit on your cruise:

  • Spend time in the pint-sized capital city of Portugal, Lisbon. Whether it’s relaxing on one of the many beaches that fringe the Atlantic, exploring the cobbled alleyways or dining on Portugal’s famed national dish, bacalhau, salted cod fish. The city also has a lively nightlife scene – the sleepy streets of Bairro Alto transform after dark into a buzz of wine and cocktail bars.
  • Climb the Clérigos Tower in Porto for stunning views across the city and sample the local port, the city’s namesake
  • See the Spanish city of Salamanca, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the tawny buildings, historic churches and cathedrals or head into the 122km of Douro International Natural Park to see juniper and chestnut trees and spot numerous species of birds such as Red Kite’s and Golden Oriole’s
  • Tour the 12th century walled village of Castelo Rodrigo and taste some of Portugal’s delicious regional delicacies, from golden honey and olive oil to creamy cheeses
  • Visit the Douro Museum where you can learn more about the regions unique winemaking history  the legendary Mateus Palace, which has one of the most beautiful gardens in the country


Whichever river you decide to cruise (and who says you have to just choose one?!) you can build a tailor-made river cruise on either the Danube and Douro with Imagine Cruising, just click here.

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